Rotary Club of Belfast - Kaiapoi
For more than 100 years, Rotary has united leaders who are committed to using their expertise to improve communities.

About us

We originally established as the Rotary Club of Belfast in 1969

before merging with Kaiapoi Rotary in 2011 to become the

Rotary Club of Belfast-Kaiapoi.

The Club is well known for its “friendly vibe” with many members forging lasting friendships. Social Activities are encouraged and well patronised throughout the year.

Rotary International
Paul Harris

Origins of Rotary

In 1905, Paul Harris, a young lawyer in Chicago, met with three other single businessmen with the idea of forming a club different from the others. He proposed that this club be based on ‘a very simple plan of mutual cooperation and informal friendship such as all of us had once known in our villages’.

These gentlemen agreed to meet again in two weeks, and to bring along other like-minded people who might be interested. The plan was that they should meet in each other’s offices in turn and thus the name ‘Rotation Club’ was suggested. This quickly got shortened to ‘Rotary Club’ and that name has carried forward to this day.

The movement spread rapidly and by 1921 had reached New Zealand. Two clubs were formed here that year – in Auckland and Wellington. Today, there are some 250 clubs and 7000 members in NZ and the Pacific Islands; and 1.2million Rotarians in 200 countries around the world.

Rotary was the first service club organisation in the world. The Rotary symbol is a common sight at the entrance to towns, at heritage parks and walkways, and Rotary clocks display the time in many centres.

What is less known is Rotary’s extraordinary range of community support, the activities and organisations it has established, and the assistance provided around the world.

For example, in New Zealand, Rotary helped set up and/or initially funded the Crippled Children’s’ Society (now CCS), Outward Bound, Milk in Schools, the first Karitane Hospital, Birthright, Blood Transfusion Service, VSA and many others. Internationally, Rotary was involved in starting the United Nations, supports (along with the Gates Foundation) the elimination of Polio, and participates in many projects in Africa.
Our Teams
Community Services
We respond to the needs of the local community, which includes diverse projects such as the summer Belfast Touch competition.
We support schools in our community and provide students with diverse needs from uniforms to computers. The team also administers the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) for 18 - 24 year old youth.
Our Club supports Rotary Foundation and makes grants to the Foundation and other specific projects abroad.
Vocational visits are made several times a year to factories, industrial sites and farms. Visits to other Clubs are also arranged.
Ways & Means
This is the fundraising arm of the club, providing the means to fund our work in the community,
Club Services
These are best described as the matters that add to the efficient running of the Club and are under the general supervision of the President Elect.
Our Leadership Team
  • Nigel Duffell
    Club President
  • Vacant
    President Elect
  • Tony Cox
  • Ivan Kippenberger
  • Des Chave
    International Director
  • Chris Fraser
    Vocational Director
  • Sean Roscoe
    Youth Director
  • Laurence Trott
    Ways & Means Director
  • John Henderson
    Community Director
Fellowship and Community Service
Are you looking to join a club that promotes fellowship and community service? The Rotary Club of Belfast-Kaiapoi is always on the lookout for new members. We welcome individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in our community.

By joining us, you will connect with like-minded people, participate in meaningful projects, and enjoy a sense of camaraderie. Whether you are interested in local initiatives or global efforts, there is a place for you in our club. Come and be part of a dynamic group that values service above self.

Join the Rotary Club of Belfast-Kaiapoi today and help us make a difference together.
Please get in touch with our Club Membership Team
  • Graham
    021 902 050
  • Andrew
    027 433 5136
  • Alan
    027 354 2819
Supporting our Local Communities
At the Rotary Club of Belfast-Kaiapoi, we are dedicated to supporting initiatives that benefit our local community, with a strong focus on youth and sports. We provide funding to organisations that align with our mission of fostering growth and opportunity within Belfast and Kaiapoi. Our priority is to assist local groups, especially those working directly with young people and sporting activities. Preferred applications will be from Belfast and Kaiapoi groups, emphasising projects that have a meaningful impact on our community.

We invite you to apply for funding and help us make a difference together.

Want to know more?
Do you want to know how to join, more about our fantastic programs, what we do for our community, apply for fundraising? Then don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Bruce Cathro - Club Secretary
Phone: 021 258 8874
Nigel Duffell - President
Phone: 029 982 2400
Rotary Club of Belfast - Kaiapoi
18 March Place
Christchurch, New Zealand
We meet every Tuesday @ 5:45pm, so feel free to drop by — we'd be happy to host you at one of our meetings.
Get in Touch!
Not sure if Rotary is right for you? Please complete your details and a friendly Rotarian from our Club will be in touch.
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